"We seek to meet the needs of parents caring for children with disabilities." 

Camp Trusted Parents FAQs & Answers

When was Camp Trusted Parents founded?

Camp Trusted Parents was founded in 2014; to provide a place where children with intellectual and developmental challenges and their siblings, could have all the wonderful experiences of "Camp" in a growth producing and caring environment. 

What range of special needs do your campers have?

Our campers have a varied range of abilities within mild to moderate classification. Our campers are independently self sufficient and have a basic grasp of their daily living skills.

How do you know Camp Trusted Parents is the right camp for my child?

In addition to the camper's most recent IEP, we request that each camper and their family attend our mandatory orientation. This is for the benefit of the camper, as well as the staff, to insure that Camp Trusted Parent is the most appropriate program for your child.

Do I have to attend the mandatory orientation?

Yes, it is mandatory for you to attend the orientation so that the staff can observe and assess your child and to make sure Camp Trusted Parents is the right fit for him or her. Only those children that attended Camp Trusted Parents before do not have to attend the orientation. However, we strongly encourage that all parents and campers attend the orientation and meet the staff and new campers. 

How is your program structured?

Camp Trusted Parents has been designed to provide campers with a dynamic program of recreational therapy and traditional camp activities tailored to the age and ability of each camper. We provide a highly structured environment that keeps our campers both engaged and invigorated. 

How are campers grouped?

Our campers are grouped by age; however, we also take into consideration the ability of the individual camper. we consider the group dynamics and how a specific camper would fit into a group in order to provide them with the best possible opportunity for personal growth. 

What is the camper to staff ratio?

The camper to staff ratio is 12:4

What activities do you have at Camp Trusted Parents?

Camp Trusted Parents offers many activities including therapeutic and tradition recreational activities, arts and craft, field trips, computer, sports, and much more

My child has a CAP worker, can they attend camp with my child?

Yes. CAP workers may attend camp with campers; however, they are responsible for the cost of their lunch and admission fees to field trips. Camp Trusted Parents will only cover the cost of lunch and field trips for campers.

What is your refund policy?

A full refund will be issued for cancellation of Camp Trusted Parents summer program due to low enrollment. A partial refund (refund minus a 25% service charge and registration fee) will be issued when the registrant submits a written request for a refund a minimum of ten (10) days before start of the program. A partial refund will also be approved if registrant submits a physician’s letter advising against participation before the start of the first weekly session. There will be NO FULL REFUNDS GRANTED AND NO PARTIAL REFUND GRANTED less than (7 days) before the start of the first weekly session (without a physician’s letter) or after the start of the first weekly session. There is ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS given after the start of camp, especially if your child attends the first day of a weekly session.

Is Camp Trusted Parents accredited by the American Camp Association?

Not yet, but we have started the process of obtaining accreditation by attending training and implementing the many required procedures and practices approved by the ACA. 

If you have additional questions about Camp Trusted Parents, please email: [email protected]

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