"We seek to meet the needs of parents caring for children with disabilities." 


Our dreams and desires for ourselves are more powerful than anything we could ever imagine. Once we truly believe and start to focus on the desires of our heart, that is when our dreams become our reality. Although 2020 has brought many challenges, it has also caused many of us to reprioritize what's important. So here we are at the start of a New Year, ready to make 2020 a distant dream, with new goals and desires going into 2021 and it can all start RIGHT HERE!


JOIN US, for an extraordinary experience where we will work together in a fun, caring, and comfortable environment to IMAGINE, BELIEVE, and ACHIEVE our goals for a better future!  encourage, empower, and support each other's visions. The intention of this event is to create a VISION BOARD that will manifest the desires and plans we have for ourselves, while supporting the wonderful vision of our organization! We will discuss the meaning of the VISION BOARD and discover the tips and tricks for bringing it to life. With the start of a New Year, using a VISION BOARD as a blank canvas to post quotes, words, pictures, and affirmations for encouragement can help keep us focus on our goals!  The BEST PART, is doing it virtually in the comfort of our homes!


During this event, YOU CAN EXPECT, to be inspired by speakers who knows, respect, and understand the "Law of Attraction”! You will receive tips for your vision board, encouragement for 2021, and opportunity to connect with likeminded individuals, and SO MUCH MORE!


Expect to:

  • understand the importance of meditation
  • effectively set goals
  • understand the power of visual instruction
  • understand the importance of self-evaluation
  • a virtual room full of amazing nonjudgmental individuals who have a vision for a better future
  • spend the afternoon connecting with like-minded individuals while working on goals with passion and purpose.


Najuma Wilson - Wilpar Consulting & Program Coordinator for John Maxwell

Having a passion for helping others move to the next level in their professional life has been the driving force for Najuma. Over the past 20 years she has provided mentoring and coaching as a corporate manager for Fortune 500 companies. As a certified coach & trainer, she consults with organizations and individuals globally to help them identify areas of opportunities in employee/management relations and develops customized training and growth development plans. She believes that helping professionals and organizations develop strong leadership skills is vital to their success. She founded Wilpar Consulting, because she understands the importance of personal growth, professional development, and entrepreneurship in today’s marketplace and wants to help lead individuals to their desired professional goals.

Elizabeth Hobson - Morgan Stanley

Elizabeth's mission is to understand unique circumstances and goals to create a financial pathway which extends beyond numbers.  As a dedicated financial advisor, it is her commitment to organize financial holdings, and develop a comprehensive strategy to make the highest and best use of resources.  Ultimately, her plan will define a clear pathway to help accumulate wealth, mitigate risks in times of uncertainty, and teach an understanding on how financial numbers will impact retirement and legacy.


Ronnie S. Rose is a Certified Holistic Wellness and Life Coach, and Founder and CEO of House of Healing, Health, and Wellness, LLC. After experiencing heart-wrenching pain and loss, Ronnie decided to step out in faith to create "Journey Towards Healing, Health, and Wellness" a holistic journal book birth out her own painful journey. Ronnie's love and passion, is coaching people on releasing mental and emotional blockage that hinders them from living a life of wellness. She is fully aware that life is a journey, not a destination; she believes joy and purpose are possible amid life's disappointments, hardships, and losses. Through her strong spiritual faith in God, she hopes to inspire people to believe that their mess can become a message, and their test a testimony. Ronnie is looking to expand her business and is currently working on a new project, "Moving in the Spirit," consisting of mindfulness meditation, breathing exercises, and dance therapy.


  • Scissors
  • Magazines and/or color printouts and digital fonts
  • 1 poster board
  • Pens or makers
  • Glue
  • Optional: Arts/crafts items (like glitter, stickers, etc.)


There are 2 admission ticket options

General Admission $25 - includes:
  • vision board worksheet

VIP Admission $50 - includes a "Swag Box" with the following items:
  • vision board worksheet downloads
  • font downloads
  • planner stickers
  • journal
  • pen
  • VIP Q&A session with speakers, and so much more!

Tickets are limited... Register now to ensure you receive your VIP "Swag Box" before the event.

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