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Explore ADL (Activities of Daily Living):

Explore ADL was created for young adults 18 and older who have graduated from high school and still needs the support of the community to thrive to their fullest potential.  The targeted goal is to provide community access respite care combined with institutional adult day programming activities. Before you can understand how Explore will work, you must first understand the meaning of both aspects and why I chose the program’s core foundation to align with them.  

  • Community Access Respite Service offers individual, or group activities and outings designed to give the person a social experience. It helps them to develop, maintain, and/or support independent living. 

  • Institutional Adult Day Programs offers a physical location that will help individuals gain self-awareness, acceptance, inner strength, and life strategies to live a more independent life all while offering skills centered around activities of daily living, goal setting, execution of functional skills, emotional regulation, social integration skills, and job training.

Explore ADL’s curriculum will combine both of these aspects weekly in a schedule that has been designed to help our participants gain self-awareness, acceptance, inner strength, and life strategies to live a more independent life.

The program will operate 3 days per week, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9:30am-3:00pm.

  • Tuesdays are community social days that encourage fun and promote social interaction. Participants will engage in community outings like bowling, movie theater, library, etc. All planned activities will be community based, meaning participants will be away from the corporate office all day, except during drop off and pick-up times.

  • Wednesdays are instructional and life skills focused days. Participant will spend the day at Trusted Parents corporate office engaging in instructional activities of daily living, then applying the learned skills to real life situations. For example, participant may learn about grocery shopping, then they may make a grocery list of their own, then actually go to the grocery store to buy the items themselves.

  • Thursdays are on the job training days. Participants will be in the community engaging in various volunteer opportunities and gaining on the job training skills. Some volunteer opportunities may include, but are not limited to the Humane Society, Habitat for Humanity, Mecklenburg Library, and Make a Wish. Our organization’s volunteer opportunities are scheduled for a set time throughout the year; however, they will change periodically. Participants will be notified in advanced when a new volunteer opportunity is scheduled.

Explore ADL mission is to provide a program where individuals can meet regularly and receive the support needed to prepare them for a life of independence through social integration and practical life skill development. 

Fees will cover general programming, supplies, and basic community outings like bowling, movies, etc. When special community outings or specialized programming are scheduled, participants will be notified in advance what the cost would be if they choose to participate in those specific activities. All fees are nonrefundable.

Current fees are as follows (taxes not included):

  • Registration Fee: $35 (flat rate)

  • Daily Rate: $65 per day

  • Weekly Rate: $150 per week

  • Monthly Rate: $550 per month

Pick-up and Drop off location will be at Trusted Parents corporate office, 2459 Wilkinson Blvd, Ste. 310, Charlotte NC 28208. Staff (Jordan Hallman) will meet participants at the front entrance between 9:15 & 9:30am every morning. Please plan to arrive on-time as the program’s schedule is predicated on the timely arrival of all participants, especially on Thursdays. Please notify staff if you will be running behind at 980-229-7253 or 980-330-8809.

Transportation Option is available for participants in need of the service for an additional fee. Staff (Jordan Hallman) will pick up and drop off participants at their listed residence ONLY, at a predetermined time. This option must be indicated in advance.

Rates are as follows (taxes not included)

  • Daily Rate: $12 per day

  • Weekly Rate: $30 per week

  • Monthly Rate: $75 per month

After care option is not available for Explore ADL, therefore, late fees will be applied to late pick-up, according to Trusted Parents policy of $1 for every minute late after scheduled pick-up time of 3:00pm.

Explore ADL does not supply Lunch for participants. Participants are encouraged to bring their snack and/or lunches from home or they may bring money to purchase meals. This option can be specifically considered for Tuesdays, while they are out on community excursions.    

Please click the link to register for EXPLORE ADL which start Tuesday, Oct 17, 2023!

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