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Trusted Parents Parent Focus Group Meeting

About Us

Our Mission:

To empower a special community of parents with support, services, awareness, and advocacy that will help enhance their lives and the lives of their loved one living with special healthcare needs.

We Are...

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Trusted Parents an all-inclusive 501©3 not for profit organization focusing on the well-being of parents and guardians caring for individuals living with disabilities. We provide programs that offer group support, awareness, advocacy, and resources to parents who needs it.

Our services are developed to help provide emotional relief to our parents/caregivers as they go through the demanding journey of coping with the daunting, but worthwhile tasks related to caring for their love one living with special healthcare needs. We are committed to providing emotional and considerate support as we seek to equip them with the necessary tools needed to open doors to a future of wonderful possibilities for their families.

We participate in community events, workshops, and activities centered on issues related to the families we serve. We believe in collaborating with partners that will help us make a difference for the community we serve, as we continue to provide educational and empowerment opportunities through resources that are family centered.

Our Values...

  • INTEGRITY: We remain true to our mission to work hard to provide exceptional service to our parents and families. We adhere to a high ethical standard and promise to remain honest and true to those we inspire to serve.

  • CONNECTION: We believe that collaborating with parents, caregivers, community, educators, professionals, therapists, and physicians will help build the skills needed to improve individuals with disabilities’ ability to engage and prosper in society. We believe in building and establishing strong, respectable, and honest relationships to strengthen our connection to establishing community resources for our families.

  • SUPPORT: We are committed to making ourselves available to the emotional and spiritual well-being of those affected by disabilities. We recognize the importance of support, and we affirm that recognition by being available to parents one-on-one or through group support.

  • EMPOWERMENT: We believe in educating parents with the necessary tools that will lead them to becoming powerful advocates in the community. We believe effective knowledge will open doors to a future of wonderful possibilities for children and individuals affected by disabilities.

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