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I’m not sure if you remember me but you helped me out a while back with filling out my paperwork to get guardianship of my daughter. I wanted to let you know that we had the hearing and I was granted full guardianship. I received my documents from the court A few days ago.

I just wanted to say thank you again for your help. It definitely made the whole process a lot easier. I am so glad that they are organizations out there such as yours that helps advocate for our kids and their families. As a single parent and someone who has to do it all on her own, organizations such as yours are a godsend. 

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

- Maricel

"Trusted Parents is a wonderful organization that gives parents like myself a lot of knowledge and important information through the support group meetings. During the support group meetings childcare is offered for all the kids and my son loves it. Trusted Parents also has family fun events offered for the whole family at a discounted rate. My son and I have been to the circus twice and we enjoyed ourselves. They also have a wonderful summer camp for kids with special need that was featured in Charlotte Observer and my son loves this as well. It is hard to find something that everyone likes to be a part of and benefits from in my family, but I found that in Trusted Parents."


"Its nice to know that there are organizations that take such pleasure in caring for and serving families. That's exactly what Trusted Parents do. They have been such a great support system for me and my family. Thank you Trusted Parents for all you do for our community."


"Hallelujah Full Gospel in Naples Italy would like to thank Mrs. Bye for giving us an opportunity to bless this wonderful organization. Keep your vision alive and many doors of opportunity will open for you and Trusted Parents. May the LORD Bless the hands of those who serve!

-Dr. Stephanie Smith

"Such a wonderful idea. Push on forward to keep this going and make a difference."

-Gary Canfield

"Thank you so much, Trusted Parents. Your staff has been attentive and prompt with information and resources. I would definitely be planning to attend upcoming event and I would recommend other parents to contact you. Thank you again for everything"

- Zupash Tureen

"Trusted Parents has been great for my family. I have been to all of the support group meetings, and it is a great experience. Just the childcare alone during the meetings are wonderful. The volunteers are very attentive and sensitive to the needs of my kids. My kids look forward to going to ImaginOn during meeting times. I have been blessed to meet other parents/caregivers that understand my situation, and who are able to offer advise. The speakers at the meetings are very informative. I look forward to the monthly meetings"

- Tammy Stimpson

"Trusted Parents is a great organization. Amongst my family and friends I am the only one with a child that requires special attention. I have attended their support group and I must say that I felt like I finally found a group that truly understand what I go through as a parent. Thank you Trusted Parents for all you do"

- Ebony White

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