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IEP/504 Advocacy

IEP Advocacy Services

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IEP/504 Advocacy Services

Some parents are anxious about attending IEP meetings and would like someone to attend with them. Someone who can help them get the services needed for their child. Most parents don't know where to start and the process can seem so overwhelming, and they may feel alone... But they are NOT!!!

Phone Consultation

If you do not want an advocate to attend a meeting with you but would like advice and directions on what to do, or how to handle an upcoming IEP meeting, we are here to help you! Tell us about your concerns. Contact us to schedule a FREE 20 minute phone consultation with one of our IEP Advocates.

Attending an IEP or 504 Meeting

As your Advocate, we can attend IEP/504 Plan meetings with you and help you get the services needed and to help develop a better educational plan for your child. As your advocate, we will make sure:

  • You are heard and your concerns are understood

  • Your child receive services needed suitable for adequate learning

  • the school follows the laws that protects your child as it pertains to the IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act)

Please do not schedule IEP meetings without first checking to see if it is convenient for one of our advocates to attend the meeting with you. It is important to realize that it may be well worth the wait to postpone immediate meetings in order to be better prepared before meeting with school officials. It is wise that both you and your advocate be prepared to develop a plan together that will benefit your child.

***There is a fee associated to this service; however, we understand that finances can be challenging, so please do not let that discourage you from contacting us. ***

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