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Nikia Bye

The more difficulties one has to encounter, within and

without, the more significant and the higher in inspiration

his/her life will be.

Horace Buchnell

It is not easy parenting a child with special needs. No matter the challenges, it can be a very stressful experience for parents and caregivers. However, the experience can offer beautiful and precious moments that can evolve us as individuals both personally and spiritually. 


​I am deeply grateful and humbled by the opportunity to share Trusted Parents with you, as its founder. If you are a parent in the midst of a new diagnosis with your child or are experiencing the ongoing difficulty of watching a loved one struggle, I consider it an honor to support you and your family's shift toward hope and the possibility of seeing potential realized.

​Over the last decade, significant growth at Trusted Parents has enabled us to serve thousands of parents through family centered programs and life-changing methodology. We have remained true and faithful to our mission and core values of Integrity, Connection, Support, and Empowerment since the founding of the organization. We believe that our mission and core values can lead to a life filled with possibilities for every person diagnosis with an intellectual and developmental disability and/or any other special healthcare needs.

This journey has been a miraculous one! It has been a humbling and gratifying experience to have met the thousands of children and families served through Trusted Parents thus far, and to witness the many life changing triumphs along the way.

​My son is the very reason behind the existence of this organization. He is a phenomenal young man and the mission holder of Trusted Parents. His very life serves as the blueprint for the services we provided for families. His personality is infectious, and he has a way of touching the hearts of everyone he encounters. He has a true gift of compassion and an understanding of wanting to belong.

​The most incredible gift about my journey as Malyk’s mother, and the creation of Trusted Parents in 2011, is that my spiritual walk and my faith in God has increased. As it says in Jeremiah 17:7...

“Blessed is the man that trust in the Lord, and whose hope the Lord is”


While on this journey, I understand that in everything I do, my trust, my hope, and my faith must remain steadfast on God, every step of the way, so I can continue to serve the families that need me in love, compassion, and humility.


Nikia Bye, Founder and CEO

A Trusted Parent of A Special Young Man

A Message from Nikia

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