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Our Services

What makes our approach to servicing families unique?

It’s about the whole family, not just the diagnosis!

Our organization’s core belief is that parents of children with intellectual and developmental delays and other special healthcare needs are of the utmost importance to us. We are here to support the goals and desires they have for their children, by bringing awareness to barriers and helping them overcome them. Our programs are designed with the belief that if parents receive ample support and are well informed about the resources, services, laws, and policies available to them, they will become better advocates for their families.

Why Trusted Parents

Most of our team are devoted parents with lived experience, so we are able to deliver our services in a loving, understanding, and trustworthy way, enabling profound growth and achieving unbounded potential.

  • Family focused programs

  • Safe, loving, and nurturing service

  • Unconditional positive regard for parents

  • Wraparound support for families, including future planning

  • Collaboration with community service providers and other healthcare professionals

  • Professionally help parents advocate and navigate the special education laws and procedures

  • Almost two decades of building successful relationships and facilitating growth for our families.

Our Services and Programs

  • Parent Focus Group Meetings

  • Parent Trainings and Workshop

  • Parent Mentor Program

  • IEP Advocacy

  • Triple P (Positive Parenting Program)

  • Guardianship Consultation

  • Community Navigation (Supportive Resources)

  • Camps at Trusted Parents

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