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Parent to Parent Match

"You don’t have to feel alone as a parent of a child with special needs!"



Parent-to-Parent Matches are based upon the request of the parent seeking support. Matches are made according to similarity diagnosis of a disability, chronic illness, healthcare concerns, and/or parenting issues.


There is nothing worse for a parent than to feel alone when dealing with matters concerning their child’s diagnosis. Whether they are standing in the emergency room and don’t know the answers to difficult questions being asked by their child’s physician; or they are hit by a brick wall trying to find the resources in the community to best help their child and family, it is these moments when a parent can feel alone and think that no one can relate to what they are going through.


No parent should feel alone trying to cope with their feelings and emotions while dealing with hospital visits, doctor's appointment, therapy sessions, or IEP's. They should know that there is always someone there that is willing to hold their hand through the process...




Talking to another parent who has "been there" has proven to be a great way to lend the support needed and help get answers to the many questions or concerns a parent may have. Through the parent-to-parent match program, we can help parents connect with another parent who may have a child with a similar diagnosis or healthcare concerns, who has been where they are!!!

Contact us if you would like to be matched with a Parent Mentor. 

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